Day 44: Burro Fiesta (and other local activities)

As my eyes opened this morning to bright sunlight and fresh high desert air, I smiled. We stumbled out of the tents and made our very first camp coffee. It was bad. Too weak and way too groundy. We’ve since read threads on Reddit (and the instructions), so we might be better off next time. After the coffee we took our first ever morning stroll around the lot. And this is how I’m going to need to start every morning. Each time we go for a little walk we discover so many new treasures.

When we first visited Mancos, Absolute Bakery and Cafe was a highlight. Maybe, THE highlight. They serve all organic, fresh, homemade goodies and we were so excited to go back today. I don’t recommend dining there, unless your prepared to buy 40 acres nearby, just so you can dinner there often. If that happens to be you we can’t recommend our Realtor, Carrie Summers, enough.

Then we checked into a hotel to shower and give the girls a chance to swim a bit, before heading to the first annual Mancos Burro Fiesta. There are so many highlights, I don’t even m know where to begin. In no particular order:

  • Navajo fry bread
  • The grand reopening of the Mancos Press
  • Root beer floats with Moose and More ice cream
  • A community created burro mural
  • Burro packing demonstrations
  • The Greek food truck
  • Fenceline Cidery
  • And the actual burro race, which is a thing and was phenomenal in everyway.

I don’t know how well it will go over, but I’m will to work my darnedest to bring a burro fest to Brookfield.

Although we have a hotel room in Cortez for the night, Ellie and I opted to camp instead and are back at Colorado home. We took a lovely sunset hike and were just flabbergasted by the colors of the sky and mountains again. It’s strange to be camping without the others, but we’ll sleep well.

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  1. Wally and I will start working on building the Brookfield Burro Fest press right now.

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