Going to the Burro Fiesta and exploring Mancos

Today we woke up on our property. We made some hot chocolate and coffee and explored for a little bit. We found a tree that was split down the middle by lighting and lots of junipers.

After a while we decided to go to our favorite breakfast spot Absolute Bakery and Cafe. Everything sounded so good. I had an green chile omelet with fruit and hash browns. I already know what I’m getting next time.

Then we drove to Cortez and took showers while Ellie and I swam.

Then we went back to Mancos for the Borro Fiesta. To start we had fry bread which was delicious. They had a Borro race which was amazing. There were 12 or 14 Borros and their rider just pulled them. They also had to stop halfway at the jail house to get their picture taken. Also they had announcers who did not know who any of the borros were so that was super funny. Then we got some root beer floats and vegetables and watermelon. We also went to the Grand reopening of the Mancos Common Press.

For dinner we went to a Greek food truck and I had gyros which were also good.

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