Day 43: Home

Our new one. The 41 acres in southwest Colorado that we purchased this past spring. There’s no house, the only shelter is two tents, there is no plumbing, or beds, or pantry stocked with snacks, but it’s home.

We drove from Salt Lake City today, with a quick stop in Moab. We needed some groceries in Moab and, decided on a whim, to make a purchase that most think is required for camping, a stove. After all the nights of backpacking we just completed, we never had hot food, always opting for delicious cured and smoked premium beef jerky. The main reason for this was we didn’t really want to haul the extra weight and beef jerky is pretty darn tasty. However, I had this image of us drinking hot coffee at the new place and, although surprisingly good, canned cold brew from Costco didn’t for my dream. We stopped at Gearheads Outdoor Store and we’re greeted by the two brothers who owned the shop. Although one was very stoned, they were a great help in guiding us to this of big purchase. We got the perfect for us camp stove and the fuel. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the coffee press that fit the one we got, so we were on a wild goose chase to all the other outfitters in town, only to come up empty-handed. We opted for instant Starbucks Via instead. Not quite what I had in mind, but it would do. Dolores is the closest town to our place, so, after driving a couple more hours, we stopped at the outfitter there and they had the coffee press. They also had mugs and the grocery across the street had locally roasted coffee. We are all set for the morning now!

After waiting so anxiously, we finally made it. We hopped out of the car and just started exploring. We hiked to the very end of the lot and discovered the whole place is more perfect than we remembered. The girls felt right at home and made a banner of bandanas and a pretty plant swag to decorate their tent. Neighbors happened to drive by as we were getting tents out of the car, and they were so kind, offering us anything we may need. I’m not sure they meant the use of their plumbing while we’re here this week, but they seemed cool like that. After exchanging contact information, we really began to feel like this is right, totally right, for us. It’s just too bad we can’t move now.

We went back to Dolores to begin finding the best hot spots. Both the Dolores Brewery and Chavolito’s were awesome. Our drive back home as the sun was setting, produced the most vivid colors of purple I’ve ever seen in nature. The mountain ranges that surround us were glowing and we kept pinching ourselves, is this real? But it is. We’re spending our first night at home. Colorado home.

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