Going Home!!!!!!! (July 19)

This morning we woke up and got breakfast. Then we started our 6 hour drive to Mancos.

We stopped in Moab to get a camp stove because my mom needs coffee and I really like hot chocolate. So #necessities.

We then had to go to approximatly 1,000 other stores to find a coffee filter thingy which nobody had. We also got some fruit, Doritos to go with our lunch.

We then finally made it to Home. We wandered around a little bit. And it was amazing!!! There is a little spring and views of Mountains and it is just incredible. You have to be here to believe how amazing.

We then went to the outfitters and became friends with the cashier. We had to get the coffee filter thingy and we also had to get some mugs to drink out of.

For dinner we checked out the brewery then we went to an amazing Mexican spot for dinner.

Ellie and I get to camp together so we decorated with bandanas and flowers and sticks. Hopefully I get night sleep at home.

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