So I’m here in Colorado
Peace does not run short
Living the freedom that I was made for
Yes I am unfinished
Yes I am not done
Still it’s up here in the mountains
I defined my home


We’re home in Colorado! The drive from Springville, UT took us about 6 hours. We did make a few stops in Moab and Dolores along the way though. We decided that in order for it to really feel homey here we would need some coffee in the morning, so in Utah we bought a camp stove. It’s a purchase we’ve been putting off for a couple years as we’ve been content with beef jerky for dinner when we’re backpacking.

The thought of hot coffee at home was too appealing to pass on so we bought a new Jetboil to make it with. Sadly, we couldn’t find the coffee press at any of the outfitters in Moab. In Moab we also made a stop at the City Market for PBJ&C essentials. Not being able to find the coffee press actually ended up working out for us since it allowed us to discover the Dolores Outfitter. We had a nice chat with the man working the counter, and ended up returning to buy some mugs after purchasing coffee across the street.

Finally, we were ready to reach CO Home. I was unnecessary nervous that it wouldn’t be as great as we remembered it. I was actually a bit paranoid that’d we’d discover we made a mistake. Of course those fears were totally unfounded. It’s perfect. The views in all directions are just as good as I remembered. The trees, flowers, yucca, and even rocks are beautiful. We already knew that Mancos was a great little town and that Cortez and to a lesser extent Durango could fill in any gaps, but we discovered that Dolores is also a great little town.

We had a beer at the Dolores Brewery and it was as good as anything Buckledown makes. We had dinner at an awesome Mexican restaurant, and would have spent the whole night sipping margaritas if the mosquitoes hadn’t chased us away. We’ve found a perfect place for us, it’s going to be very hard to leave here. At least we know it will be waiting when we return and that we’ll be able to spend more time each year.

I’m excited for everything this last week of #RTXIX will contain, I know it’s going to go way too quickly. It already feels like home.

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