The day I hiked Mt Washburn

Today when the alarms went off we got up and in the car to hike. We drove about a hour to the trail head. We were jealous of the people next to us who were making breakfast and coffee. We started our hike and it was very easy for a mountain. It was 3 miles and only 1300 feet of elevation gain. We made it to the top in just over a hour. At the top we saw a ton of big horned sheep with there babies. At the top we talked with a ranger who lived up on the top. We did an extra trail that went down a huge hill. I did not feel good today. So we only got about a mile in before we turned around it went down a lot. We got back to the car and we’re glad we started early. We got back to hotel and had chips and salsa. Then watched Old Faithful and got ready for dinner after becoming a Jr ranger. For dinner I had the buffet. It was awesome. Then me and my mom got ice cream but there was no wifi. Bedtime now.

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