The day I could see old faithful from my hotel room

Today when we got up we put on our hiking boots and started a hike that was over 20 miles. After a few miles we decided to go back because the swarms of mosquitoes were too much. We went back to the hotel and started a drive to Mammoth Yellowstone. We drove about a hour and a half before stopping and getting out to do a hike around a ton of different hot springs. My favorite thing to do is think of new names for everything because theirs are lame. It is so entertaining to watch all of the stupid people. After the hike we started the drive back my mom fell asleep and I was resting we I was startled by my sister’s scream. She gets scared of everything and my dad was saying Molly wake up. That is when I looked out the window and saw a 2000 pound bison outside of my sister’s open window. Let’s just be glad it was not mad. Then we got the Jr ranger packet and played our new National Park trivia while watching Old Faithful. We had dinner at a small restaurant. I do not fell good so I am resting now. We plan on summiting a mountain tomorrow.

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