The day I went to Grand Teton

I am going to start my post with a story from last night. At dinner we were all telling our secrets from the trip. I admitted to stepping on two loaves of bread and Zoe and my dad told everyone they got ice cream. I have been keeping another secret of my own. For the past three days I had internet. Nobody else did and everyone wanted it. I made it through dinner without telling anyone but after dinner Zoe and my mom went on a walk and me and my dad sat by the fireplace. He looked my phone and saw I had internet he asked me if it was true and then he was using my phone to use google. He also went through all my settings trying to find a way to give himself some. He did not have success. Then I thought no one else will know. But as soon as my mom picked me up to get ice cream she saw that I had recently googled something so she took her ten minutes on catching up on the latest news. I assume that they would not say anything to Zoe. As soon as we walked in they said at the same time Ellie has internet. So much for our secret. Anyway today when I got up we drove a hour to Grand Teton. When we got there we got ready to backpack we all wanted a meal and so we drove to lodge to have brunch. Unfortunately it was closed. Fortunately there was a general store that had rolly food so we a got a sausage and some chips. We grabbed our bags and started the trail it was beautiful, crowded, and up. We went up almost 3000 feet and every step was worth it. Well maybe not step 592 but still it AWESOME. We set up camp then walked another mile and a half to a lake. The packs were so light. When we got there step 592 was worth it. We saw a marmet that was adorable and the world’s worst bird. We went back to camp and filtered some water for tomorrow. Now we are sitting on a rock watching the sunset.

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  1. This was great Ellie, I have to go back and read all your entries. I would love to go to every National Park I can, too. Happy trails, love to you and your family. (Your Grandma Margie and I went to school together).

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