Hiking Mt. Washburn Again

Last night as we were sitting around the lobby we were pondering what what to do today. I had the idea to hike mt. Washburn again.

We got up somewhat early and hit the trail. We did this hike 4 years ago and remember it being pretty easy. And I think we remembered correctly. It was only 1,300 feet and 3.2 miles.

At the summit we talked to the ranger who lives there in the summer and had been there for the past 14 years. He is in charge of watching for fire. After we had a little snack at the top. If you go down for a little bit there is a trail that goes through a field if wildflowers. We hiked that for a little bit. It was super steep.

Then we finished going back down. We relaxed in the lobby of the other hotel. We then shared some chips and salsa hoping for wifi.

For dinner we went to the lodge and e and I had the buffet it was really good. Then my dad and I snuck off for ice cream again while Ellie and mom got some from a different spot.

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