Exploring Glacier and My Parents Anniversary

This morning I woke up to donuts and the clock saying 7:00 not 5 or something wild like that.

After a quick breakfast we headed outside to find a giant line to go on the boat tour or rent kayaks/canoe’s.

We got a 2 person kayaks

(my mom and I) and a canoe (for Ellie and my dad.) Eventually we were in the water and it was so much fun. Although it was really tipsy we did not fall in luckily.

Then We dida hike to hidden lakes. The baby goats were so so adorable. Grandma PLEASE hook me up with one. Think of all the yoga and my dad even called them cute. They just minded their own business. Please they are nature’s best animal.

The hike up was really pretty except there were way too many people.

After that we did another hike that was also beautiful. There was a waterfall and it was so majestic.

Then we chilled at the hotel. Tonight we are going to a different lodge for dinner. Happy anniversary mom and dad.

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