The day I saw a bear

Today when we got up we grabbed breakfast from the hotel and then hit the road for the three hour drive to Glacier National Park. Then when we got there we we started our hike. For the first 1.5 miles we had to walk next to the road then we got to the trailhead. We had a 5 mile hike to iceberg lake. It was very popular and had a 1700 foot incline. There was a indefatigueable amount of wildflowers. All different colors. When we got to the lake it was so crowded and we did see a lot of stupid people. The stupidest went knee deep in the water and keep exclaiming I can not feel my toes. Then she attempted and failed to get on a iceberg that was floating near by. On the hike back somehow we ended up on the horse trail. We went back to the hotel and went to the room. We hung out in the lounge and then went to dinner. I had a pretty good pork chop.

One thought on “The day I saw a bear

  1. Hahahahahhhaha, now you too!! Wish I could see those flowers that can’t be stopped!

    Also, I love a good stupid people story! This one sounds like a trip winner 🙂

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