Arriving at Glacier NP

This morning we woke up early. At 5:00 early. We grabbed a cinnamon roll and were off.

We drove three hours to Glacier National Park. We then drove through the park on a very very windy road that did not help anybody feel good.

We eventually made it to the top and started our hike. It was super pretty. There was an indefatigable amount of wildflowers all their own vivacious color. We also got to see two moose on the trail. Chowing on the grass.

Although it was 1,854 feet up if was it was relatively flat which was a nice break from the last 2 days. Along the trail there were so many cute tiny waterfalls.

The turn around point for this hike was at iceberg lake. It was super pretty. I don’t think I have ever seen an actual iceberg besides the movie Elf.

On the way back we took the bear trail which I felt obligated to talk so we would not encounter any bears. Except we did.

We saw bears while we were relaxing by the lake. We saw a huge group of people. E and I went over to scope out the situation. There was a mama bear and 2 Cubs.

Then we went to the lounge and played Go Fish. For dinner we went to the lodge and I had a super delicious pasta. Tomorrow we are going to go kayaking

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  1. Ding ding ding! 🙂

    Also, good point on the Elf Iceburg! I laughed at that until I realized that was true for me also! (Except also titanic…haven’t you seen titanic???)

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