Day 37: Glacier National Park

The day started with kayaking on a subalpine lake, then we hiked two different trails. One led to an overlook of another gorgeous lake. We saw about a dozen mountain goats on our way up, just eating their lunch right along the trail. I don’t like the word cute, but there were two babies who could not be described any other way. So damn cute. Zoe and decided we need a few at home. I think they will help with our stress during the school year. (Mom, I hear you have a hook up?!?) The other hike led to waterfall and then another lake. It was a bit more secluded and we got to see a deer eating a snack at the side of the trial. It’s funny, how we’re at the point in the trip where a beautiful deer, just a few feet from us doesn’t phase us much. We hardly paused and didn’t even take a picture. Between the hikes we made our way to the west side of the park and are staying at the Lake McDonald Lodge tonight. It is newly renovated and is providing lots of inspriation for our eventual Colorado home. Only, I’m insisting on a lot less dead animal heads in our house. There are 37 I can see from my seat by the fireplace. I’d prefer zero.

Today is our anniversary. Seventeen years ago, Zak and I stood at the alter and said “I do.” I knew then that I was agreeing to a wonderful life, but I had know idea what else our life together would contain. But here we are, seventeen years later, with two children who are growing into strong, confident, hilarious, independent citizens of our community and world. They get those traits mostly from Zak. In every sense of the word, Zak makes me better. I am stronger, more confident, more hilarious, more independent because of him. A huge part of our marriage are these summer road trips. Most people can’t comprehend the amount of planning that goes into them. Zak does it all. You should see the spreadsheets. I already know what nights for NEXT year have laundry, a good brewery, and a pool for the girls to relax in. Every night of the school year, he, while or after he cooks dinner and does all the dishes, asks me to make a minor decision about the trip. Sometimes it’s a hike or hotel preference, sometimes it’s a route or park preference. It always makes me feel important and gives me a chance to think about the weeks I live for. I owe most of who I have become recently, to him. These adventures are not who I am naturally. But, my goodness, I have grown into a hiker, a camper, an adventurerer, someone who appreciates the beauty around me, someone who can pause and stop and reflect. That’s 100% because of Zak. The timeline of our marriage is long and looking back on it makes me smile, but the real warmth in my heart come from what we have to look foward to. It’s cheesy, and mushy, and middle schooly, but our love story is one for the history books. I fall in love more and more each day. So, Zak, I love you. I thank you. I’m excited to see where and how our timeline continues.

Finally, happy birthday to my mom! We miss you, admire you, and thank you for all your love and support! xoxox

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