Backpacking out of North Cascades

This morning we woke up to the best song. No it wasn’t the birds or the river or something majestic like that. Instead, it was Say You Will by Foreigner. I can’t think of a better song to wake up to.

We had a marvelous suprise this morning. Everything was SOAKED. EVERYTHING. Apparently, it had rained all night. This morning we quickly packed up camp because it was still raining.

After a we cleaned up quickly and had a quick breakfast. Our first part of the hike was the biggest challenge. It was also the most fun in my opinion. We had to scramble up a bunch of boulders. My dad was in the front then Ellie and I were alternating between second and third then finally my mom. We kept on passing our bags up the the next ledge then my dad would go and tell us the best way to follow after half an hour and still being able to see our campsite we made it up

The rest of the hike was hard. Although it was downhill it was super slippery and muddy. Also, my boots are too small so my toes jammed up against the front every step. We did not see anyone the rest of the hike down.

When we got back to the car we literally threw everything inside and took off. Our first destination was the end of the gravel road. It was super scary. At one point me dad had to stop driving and take a deep breathe.

Once we finished that we started driving to Winthrop Washington. We found the brewery and enjoyed some much needed salad and shared a fine reuben. I don’t know if I was just super hungry or I haven’t had any green food except the green mandms in the trail mix but the salad tasted so good.

One we finished with lunch we checked in to the hotel and were given the Pheasant room. And let me tell you everything is pheasant themed. The books are the art is even the flowerpot. I can’t forget pheasant shadow boxes of pheasant and plover eggs lining the walls.

This hotel has a nice lawn area so we were able to dry everything out. I also got to call my best friend and tell her about our crazy summer.

For dinner we went to a pizza restaurant and shared pizza and more salad. Tonight we will all sleep well then we have a long drive tommorow.

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