The day I went to Canada

Last night I did not sleep good so I was very tired. But I still got up packed up and going. I had a apple sauce and a meat stick you have to get protein right. It only took us half an hour to get back to the car and are happy to report Fred is still on one piece. Next stop the laundry mat we had to do two loads. We that was happening we cleaned out the car. We also dried out tents because it rained last night. Then we stopped to get lunch I had a bacon burger with fries and a chocolate milkshake. Then well we eat we kept driving we had to get to the port by 1:30 once we made it to the port we turned Fred off and rolled down the windows only to find someone blasting Say you will by Foriner. So with no other option we did the same. Then we parked Fred on the boat and went to get beer and popcorn. The ride was only about 15 minutes. Then we finished our drive by crossing the Canadian border. We got to the hotel and then went to dinner I had a pork shoulder with mashed potatoes and we had poten as a appaiiser. We played ping-pong well talking when we got back. Now pajamas and bed.

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