The day I finished my backpacking trip

Today I woke up to my dad blasting say you will to wake me up. We packed up our tent and had to start the hike in the rain. We had to cross a bunch of logs and then back up slick rock it was so hard because I have the shortest legs. That was most certainly the hardest part of the hike. Then the 500 foot incline. It was easier then I thought it was going to be way harder then it was. Yes it was very steep but compared to yesterday it was nothing. When we got to the top I know it was going to be hard and it was very, but as soon as we made it it was super easy as soon as we made it to easy it was a breeze. One of my biggest problems was the smell. My mom took a poop at the campsight and it was in here bag so it smelled like her poop the whole hike long. We made it back to the car and drove we stopped at a waterfall. Then keep driving everything was wet when we got to the hotel. We had to dry out everything so well my dad did laundry we dryed everything out. Then we put laundry away and went to dinner. Yummy pizza. Now blog posts and bed.

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