Touring Pike Place Market and Fourth of July

Wednesday and Thursday posts:

One of the things that we came to Seattle for or the thing was the food. My aunt and uncle just did a trip to the Northwest also and they got us tickets to do the Pike Place Market Tour which was so much fun!

On Wednesday we did a guided tour and got to walk our way through the Market trying, Donuts and yogurt to Clam Chowder and crab cakes. We also tried chocolate covered cherries and piroshky. My favorites were the chowder, Greek yogurt or Mac and cheese.

Today we did our own tour and had Salmon and fries for breakfast. There were many signs that said to feed your fries to the seagulls so Ellie did that. We also had bagels, homemade ginger ale and some of our favorites from yesterday.

After the food tour we hung out at the Monaco. We also ate dinner there which was kind of weird but it was fine.

Pike place is a super cool spot and if you are ever in Seattle you should visit. Starbucks and Sur La Table started there.

After that we went to the Alexis and to wine hour. It was kind weird though because they started playing the movie Up.

For the Fourth of July we went to Whole Foods and got some Picnic stuff. We found a little patch of grass and are going to watch the fireworks.

Tomorrow we are going to wake up early and start hiking again!

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