In The River

In the river is our sisters and our brothers
We are camping out for each other
We are stronger when we band together
And we’re standing up for the water
Don’t poison the future away

Raye Zaragoza

We’re on the trail again! I’m actually writing this post from the Happy Four area of the Hoh River Trail where we’ll be sleeping tonight. This morning we set an alarm really early, 5 AM. Since we didn’t get back from the fireworks last night until nearly midnight, 5 turned out to be way too early. It was nearly 6 by the time I got out of bed and took my last shower for a few days.

Once we were all ready we got on the road to Olympic National Park. We made one quick stop in Quinault for our permits and made it to the trailhead by noon. The next hour was spent getting gear organized and transferred to our backpacking packs. We were all a little unsetteled as we once again read signs saying not to leave anything in our car because it would be broken into. As I was packing Molly’s bag I actually found a piece of glass from Fred’s window two years ago. Hopefully that isn’t a bad omen.

We finally got on the trail about one and it is completely unlike anywhere we’ve hiked before. Every part of the hike was through a real live rain forest. It is exactly like I’ve always pictured rain forests would be. The trees are dense and towered over us. Nearly everything was covered in a moss or vine of some sort. There were ferns and mushrooms everywhere. It was a stark contrast to the hike at Mt St Helens. There, everything was new, and here it feels like this forest has been growing for millennia.

We found the perfect campsite with nice sandy flat places to pitch our tents. After setting up camp we ventured 20 yds South and spent a long time attempting to skip rocks across the river or even to just throw one across the river, while Molly and I drank our celebratory can of wine. The rest of the afternoon was napping, blog writing and games. Dinner was a very low key affair – beef jerky and peanuts by the river with a cosmic brownie for dessert.

Tonight my tent buddy is Ellie. We’re planning on playing a couple more games of Qwixx and then we’ll be off to sleep.

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