The day I did a food tasting

When I got up I wrote my blog post from yesterday and then hopped into the shower. When I got out we put our luggage in the car. Then we walked to Pike Place Market. Just before we got there we stopped at Starbucks for breakfast. Then we went to the gum wall. I can’t really describe it. You should really just Google it. All I can say is that it is the worlds second grossest attraction. Then we went to our first stop, daily dozon donuts. It was so good. I tried the cinimon suger one. It was so good. Next was real Greek yogurt. Let me tell you you have not had yogurt until you have had it. I was especially fond of the berry flavored one. Next stop cheese. yummy. First we had a cheese curd, then the same one aged and then finally the world’s best Mac and cheese and it was really the world’s best Mac and cheese. Next we had chocolate cherryies. We sampled 5 different ones one was even rasbarry. After that we had chowder. It was so good it had crab and bacon in it. After the chowder we had poshky a sweet one that was apple cinnamon and a savory one that had sausage and cheese. After that we had crab cake which I was not particularly fond of but I bet the rest of my family will rave about. Lastly homemade caramel. Then as a family we went to a bar and my parents had a flight of beer. It is like a flight of chowder but with beer. Then back to the hotel were we chilled and please don’t even get me started on dinner if someone else writes about it that’s fine but if they don’t you are not missing out.

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