The day I fed a seagull

Today we way slept in and did not hit the road for the one block drive to the next Kimpton. Then it was time for a food tour of our own. First food was fish and chips I took my share of chips and the split my fish in three for the rest of my family. With my french fries I figured to save half for me and the rest for seagulls. Do not worry, there were a ton of signs saying it was allowed. So I made friends with one and he got comfy on the railing next to us. I would throw a fry at him and then he would catch it with his mouth. Like a game of catch but you have to get a new ball every time. Plus he gets food and I lose food. Next more of a breakfast. Bagles we had a pizza one with garlic cream cheese and a everything one with lox cream cheese. Then it was fresh cheeries from a farmer. We had those while waiting in line for more of that Mac and cheese. Lastly to Rachel’s ginger beer were I got pineapple soda. We also did a flight of chowder like a flight of beer but with chowder. That finished off our food tour and then for the rest of the day we mostly chilled and tonight we are going to have a picnic dinner while watching fire works. Happy fourth everyone.

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