The Fourth Day

Today we woke up in a tent. I was freezing only because I had my sleeping bag unzippered. Turns out the whole night I had not been sleep on my sleeping bag and mattress bag. When I went to bed I was hot so I unzippered my sleeping bag and I had moved my sleeping bag over so I was only on my mattress pad. I got dressed and did my teeth and took out my braids so my hair was curly. Then once everyone was ready we had breakfast and then started the hike. We started at 8:23 and hiked about 3 miles and then we got to a river. The river about 8 feet wide so we knew we wouldn’t be able to cross it so we turned around and hiked back to the car. I got a star for being such a great leader. Once we got back to Fred it turns out he was playing hike and seek with me. I found him pretty easily.

Then we drove about an hour. Then we got back out of the car and we hiked a mile up a mountain-hill, at the top we had lunch. At the top I got to look out the binoculars and saw people floating in the river on rafts, the different colors of the rock, and a lot of trees. Once we were ready to go back down we headed down.

We drove about 20 minutes to the west side of Dinosaur NM and there we saw actual dinosaur bones inside the rock. I got to feel the bones and they were very big.When we were done reading, touching looking at the bones we did a mile hike in flip-flops. It said it was going to be 0.7 miles only it turned out to be a mile because we did extra things and saw a lot of extra dinosaur bones. There was one spot where it said we would see dinosaur bones, but we actually saw rocks. I became a junior ranger here too.

When we got back to Fred we wrote our blog posts.

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