Day 4

This will come as a surprise, but I actually almost enjoyed camping. I woke up this morning with the sun and Ellie, my tent buddy, was still sound asleep. The air was crisp and cool, but I was warm and cozy in the tent. When her eyes opened, a huge (like ear to ear) smile spread across her face and she snuggled close to me. It was a magical way to wake up. But then she did the most gigantic sneeze that actually caused us to label our sleeping bags with a sharpie so that none of us other than Ellie will ever get the now named “booger bag.”

The morning at camp was a little rough. It was a bit chilly and we had so much to do. Turns out that packing up camp is a lot of work. I think Zak was getting a little frustrated with me as I was shaving and applying make up rather than rolling up sleeping bags and deflating mattress pads. The mosquitos were atrocious and we were trying to keep all our gear organized. Zak and I finally finished our morning duties and we had granola bars for breakfast. I tried the Starbucks instant latte Via and literally gagged. It was one of the most disgusting things I have ever consumed. So I had the iced bottle of coffee also from Starbucks. It was okish, but I think next time I’ll heat it in the trucker device. I also took advil for my knee, and maybe a caffeine withdrawal too.

Gotta do what you gotta do, even if that means shaving while camping.

We then took off for a lovely hike. It had everything we like: tiny trails, scampering, breathtaking scenery, little critters, and good temperatures. We only ran into one other pair of hikers, who helped us find the right tiny path, and we later helped find the confluence. Our original plan including crossing a dry riverbed and hike along a canyon wall. However, the snowmelt is still pretty high and the dry riverbed is actually quite wet. We couldn’t gauge how deep the river was, so we opted to turn around at the 3 mile mark.

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It was still quite early when we wrapped up the hike so we drove to Harper’s Corner and did a small hike which included a picnic lunch and views that rivaled the Grand Canyon. All the signage indicated this was a 2 mile hike, but I have to argue that it was much longer. It may of been the argument over who was holding the binoculars, but I would guess it was much closer to 7 miles.

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Once we wrapped that up we were done with the east side of the park. We made our way to the more popular west side. The side with the dinosaur bones! I was not really looking forward to this. I feared too many people and unlike my dear friend, Mollie (author of Meet the Otts), I don’t have a great interest in dinosaurs. However it was simply amazing. There was a giant rock that was just full of 1000s of dinosaur fossils. Throughout the years it has be quarried and the fossils are at museums across the world. The scientists left so many hundreds exposed in the rock and built a building around the rock. I’ve never seen anything like it.

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After leaving the site we opted to hike back to the visitor’s center rather than take the tram. This gave us the option to see more fossils. The signage indicated it would be a 0.7 mile hike, but again, I need to argue with that. Perhaps it was Zak insisting on seeing clam fossils in the rocks or the high heat or the fact that us girls were wearing flip flops, but it seemed a lot closer to 8 miles. Regardless we made it back and the girls were sworn in as Junior Rangers for the second time this week.

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We wrapped the day up with a dip in the pool, carried in dinner, and the loads of laundry.

2 thoughts on “Day 4

  1. Morning Gang,
    So glad you woke to a beautiful day. It must not rain there very much.
    So You are at the Grand Canyon. I have only seen it going over it in an airplane. The pilot was kind enough to bring the plane down a little lower so we could see it. Simply irresistable.
    I will bet the fossils were really cool. Probably big ones and small ones?
    So glad you ran inti other hikers this time. Makes you feel like there is life out there, huh? But, I can only imagine how wonderful it is to have a chance for complete solitude as well. Any way you look at it, it sure sounds wonderful to me. Just the colors alone in the Grand Canyon are supurb. Did you see any eagles or hawks flying around. The hawks around my house try to carry my dog away. I can only imagine the size of the ones out there.
    Flip Flops? Those have to go for hiking. Save those for the pool. Tee Hee.
    Congrats Ellie and Molly on your Junior Rangers award.
    Have a great day. My pup is begging to go out so I must go.
    BLessings on your day.
    Joanie Kenning

  2. Yessss! This place looks awesome! And I know that anyone could be a lover of dinosaurs–just get up close and personal with the facts and fossils and you are hooked! See all the exclamation points! I can’t help but exclaim when dinos are involved!!!!

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