Sleeping Ellie

A few nights ago in Rock Springs, Wyoming, Zoe was pretty sick, so I was sleeping with her and Zak was with Ellie. Zoe was up a lot of the night for sips of water. I always woke with her to ask how her tummy felt. At the 1:30 wake up time, Zak also stirred […]

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Orange Cloud

On our way back east we were driving through Wyoming on a small rural highway. (Rural in Wyoming is VERY different than rural in Illinois.) After many, many miles of nothing but the beauty of Wyoming (which is quite lovely) we came across what appeared to be some sort of mining. There were huge, bright […]

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A Phase

About 3 days before we left Zoe entered a phase. A phase that can be simply adorable and flattering, and equally difficult and annoying. She is in the phase of “I Only Want Exactly What Mom Has”. Every question we’ve asked her has been answered with “I’ll just have whatever mom is having.” or “I […]

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Sticker Chart

Before we set off on this crazy adventure, Zak and I knew we ALL needed some sort of behavior incentive. Using past my teacher experiences and brainstorming with my friend Katie, we decided to do a sticker chart. Before we left, I had a complicated plan that involved behavior based on every hour and pretty […]

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Ellie and Yosemite

Inspite of all the hours we’ve spent in the car the past two weeks, Ellie has much prefered to be held when we’ve been exploring at the national parks. Zak has carried her on his shoulders on countless trails, never once complaining and always laughing when Ellie proudly shouts, “We did it!!!” at the destinations. […]

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Here’s another one. We were in LA, had done Venice Beach all afternoon, and were driving through crazy, slow LA rushhour traffic to our hotel which was way out of the city, I think 1.5 hour drive. The girls were still in their suits and covered with sand, but extremely perky and happy. Zoe suddenly […]

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Baby Spoon

Here’s a memorable situation from the trip. We were in Vegas, the night we stayed at MGM, must of been Father’s Day. We had gone out to eat at that stromboli place and Ellie had slept through most of the meal. We got back pretty late, and Ellie had hardly eaten anything, was hungry, and […]

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XM Radio

We’ve discussed getting rid of XM Radio for several months now. It’s about $17 a month and Zak doesn’t use it anymore. However, after this trip I won’t ever get rid of it! It is so amazing. We’ve been across the country and back and have not had a single blip in the radio. We […]

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Night driving

It’s 12:08am and we’re about a half an hour from the hotel. For some unknown reason, the girls both took about a 3 hour nap this afternoon and are just as perky as can be now. Ellie is sleepy, but still participating in the silly conversation Zak and Zoe are having. Zoe is just giddy […]

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