Orange Cloud

On our way back east we were driving through Wyoming on a small rural highway. (Rural in Wyoming is VERY different than rural in Illinois.) After many, many miles of nothing but the beauty of Wyoming (which is quite lovely) we came across what appeared to be some sort of mining. There were huge, bright signs that read something like: “WARNING! BLAST AREA! AVOID ALL CONTACT WITH ORANGE CLOUDS!”

Fast forward 20 minutes. I’m distracted by the girls as Zak is driving. I’m paying no attention to the road, nor do I need to be. I do happen to notice a few dust clouds out the windows, but don’t think anything about it. Suddenly Zak screams “ORANGE CLOUD! DUCK!” I completely freak out, sure we are all going to die if we breathe the orange dust. Turns out it WAS just dirt dust and Zak thought it would be fun to see my reaction. I’m just glad we didn’t breathe in the mysterous orange cloud and are still alive, although a bit embarrassed by my over reaction.

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