10:10 and we just entered Nebraska. The girls are asleep in their cozy pjs and snuggling with their babies and blankets. I’m off to get a few zzzzs before my next driving shift begins.

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Central Iowa

We’re closing in on Des Moines, and have only stopped 4 times so far. That’s right we’re averaging more than an hour and 15 minutes between stops. I won the “who will go crazy first” contest with my pick of Ellie. She started randomly screaming in bursts about a half hour before we stopped for […]

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Somewhere in illinois

I don’t think we’ll be updating the blog this often the entire trip,but there isn’t a whole lot else to do in the car. I got an hour nap in so I should be good to drive pretty late tonight (I’m adjusted to my summer schedule anyway), and the girls are both sound asleep still. […]

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We’re Off!

This is the beginning. We’re planning on covering 5000 miles over the next few weeks. Of course we had to make the obligatory 1 mile trip back home since molly forgot her shoes. Hopefully it will be the last return trip until the real one. We’re all nervous and excited and you can come right […]

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