Change of Plans

We decided to stop for the night in Lacrosse. Looks like one more day of vacation. It’s 11 now and we have about 1.5 to go. Both girls are wide awake eating cereal. As Zoe said a few minutes ago “it’s ok, it’s vacation time!”

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The final days

Well, we’re heading home. There has been no cell phone service the past couple of days, so we haven’t been able to update. We made our way through Utah and into Wyoming on Sunday. Zoe got pretty carsick, so we called it a day much sooner than we had planned. We finished the drive to […]

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15 days 12 states 1 bandaid (zoe scraped the back of her heel at the pool at MGM) 23 approximate number of hours per day Ellie sucked her pacifier…there goes that summer goal 6 boxes of cereal 20 pounds of snack food for car 54 gas station bathrooms 1 really crappy meal (casa bonita in […]

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