The final days

Well, we’re heading home. There has been no cell phone service the past couple of days, so we haven’t been able to update. We made our way through Utah and into Wyoming on Sunday. Zoe got pretty carsick, so we called it a day much sooner than we had planned. We finished the drive to Mount Rushmore yesterday. Here’s the backstory on Mount Rushmore this trip. When we first started talking about this trip we were planning on doing Yellowstone and Mount Rushmore. We told Zoe, who immediately informed us that Curious George had been to Mount Rushmore in one of the books we have. She was so excited. When we realized Yellowstone was now meant for this trip, there was no way we could cut out Zoe’s most anticipated part. It was only 150 miles out of the way, which on a 5000 mile trip, that’s nothing! So this morning, we were at Mount Rushmore bright and early. It’s cool. This was my second visit and I certainly don’t need to go back again, but Zoe couldn’t have been more pleased. We brought her Curious George doll in and took lots of pics with the two of them.

After Mount Rushmore we went to Badland National Park and had what can only be described as the worast picnic ever. We have hardly any food left, it was very windy and quite hot. I think we ate a couple of Ritz crackers, a few cheese sticks, and some juice boxes. Fortunately, we all saw the humor in our pathetic picnic (which kept blowing away) and left laughing.

Oh, I almost forgot…right before the Badlands we stopped at Wall Drug. Store o crap.

We’re planning on driving through the night and being back in Brookfield by dawn. The girls are just waking up from a late nap.

It’s been so much fun, and I am not ready to go home! I have a couple other posts I want to write, so check back still!

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