15 days
12 states
1 bandaid (zoe scraped the back of her heel at the pool at MGM)
23 approximate number of hours per day Ellie sucked her pacifier…there goes that summer goal
6 boxes of cereal
20 pounds of snack food for car
54 gas station bathrooms
1 really crappy meal (casa bonita in denver)
4 familiar faces (Mark, Sue, Aunt Midge, Jodi)
477 photos taken
8 National Parks and Monuments (Thank you Nelsons!!!)
10 swimming pools
2 sunburns
2500ish miles without a DVD player
0 rainy days
2 coon skin caps purchased
2 very stinky feet (Ellie…we ALL groan when she takes her shoes off in the car)
3 sleeping combinations (not including all the night’s Ellie chose to sleep on the floor.
2 fast food meals (both In N Out)
100020ish cows we saw

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