Interview Part 2

Favorite Thing We’ve Done
Z:Go up in the mountains
E:Go in the tunnel (the arches at Arches national park)

Favorite hotel:
Z:The fancy one because it was comfy

Favorite thing we ate:
Z: pancakes from Uncle Bill’s in Manhattan Beach
E: Goldfish (she is currently eating goldfish)

They also like the ice cream sandwiches and frozen banana from the spot in manhattan beach. Ellie didn’t like the shrimp (we haven’t had any shrimp)

Favorite thing at the beach:
Z:the big waves, that was pretty cool. Playing in the sand and getting dirty

Which state would you want to live in?
E: California

Liked in the car
Z:taking pictures
E:play with my toys
Z:games with mommy and daddy

Miss about home
Z: my dogs, playing with strollers, my friends
E:playing with colors

Made you laugh the most?
Z:wearing a diaper
Zak:the crazy things Ellie says

Have you cried at all
Z: no
E: I’m crying, I’m crying

Are you ready to go home?
Z:I want to go to Mount Rushmore.

Favorite snack
Z:trail mix
E: goldfish (she’s still eating them)

Stinkyiset feet?

Anything else to say?
Z:That’s about it because now I want to play gameboy.

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