A Phase

About 3 days before we left Zoe entered a phase. A phase that can be simply adorable and flattering, and equally difficult and annoying. She is in the phase of “I Only Want Exactly What Mom Has”. Every question we’ve asked her has been answered with “I’ll just have whatever mom is having.” or “I want to do whatever mom wants to do.” Every single decision we’ve allowed her to make has been decided by what I want. I wear a skirt, she needs to wear a skirt. I order a burger, she needs a burger. I wear flip flops, she needs flip flops. Like I said, I love how much she actually likes me these days, but I don’t always enjoy the same activities I know she will like. It did work to our advantage countless times as I noted my love for veggies, walking (and not being held on trails) and my need for naps, things like that. It is hard to sometimes appreciate my true mini-me, but I try hard to embrace these opportunities to help mold her. I will always remember this trip as when I had a partner holding my hand through all our adventures.

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