Sticker Chart


Before we set off on this crazy adventure, Zak and I knew we ALL needed some sort of behavior incentive. Using past my teacher experiences and brainstorming with my friend Katie, we decided to do a sticker chart. Before we left, I had a complicated plan that involved behavior based on every hour and pretty extreme rewards. Turns out the mere concept of a sticker chart was reward enough. What worked was simple and effective. Anyone could give anyone else a sticker at any time for any reason. The excitement of a sticker was extreme and our sticker chart worked very well for us, especially me! Zoe got really into giving stickers out to other people and all in all in was a huge motivator for us. Now at the end of the trip, zoe has started manipulating the system and is accepting bribes for stickers (I’ll give you a sticker if you give me a sucker) and Ellie could give 2 hoots about the stickers now (but that just started yesterday).

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