Sleeping Ellie

A few nights ago in Rock Springs, Wyoming, Zoe was pretty sick, so I was sleeping with her and Zak was with Ellie. Zoe was up a lot of the night for sips of water. I always woke with her to ask how her tummy felt. At the 1:30 wake up time, Zak also stirred in bed. Suddenly he shouts (like really shouts) “Where is Ellie?!? She’s not in bed!!! She’s gone!!!” I totally woke up and had a quick image of that Madeline girl in Europe a year ago or so, but then realized I certainly would have heard the door open. Zak is yelling for her now and getting out of bed. As I’m reaching for my glasses I notice her breathing between Zak’s shouts. I tell Zak that I can hear her. He turns on the light, gets out of bed, and finds Ellie peacefully sound asleep on the floor, totally across the room from the bed. We all laughed so hard that Zoe’s poor stomach started hurting again! From that night on we blocked the door with our suitcases, just in case she did have it in her to wonder out of the room.

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