Baby Spoon

Here’s a memorable situation from the trip.

We were in Vegas, the night we stayed at MGM, must of been Father’s Day. We had gone out to eat at that stromboli place and Ellie had slept through most of the meal. We got back pretty late, and Ellie had hardly eaten anything, was hungry, and still sleepy. We had an apple sauce in the cooler in the room and it really appealed to Ellie. However, our bag with spoons was in the car, which was down the hall, down the elevators, through the casino, across the huge foyer, down escalators, through a long hall of shops, and across the very large (and confusing) parking garage…at least a 15 minute walk one way. We simply had no spoon for Ellie’s apple sauce. We offered countless other eating options, but each one was rejected by sleepy (somewhat cranky) Ellie. She simply wanted a spoon and was getting pretty fiesty as time went on and we couldn’t come up with an acceptable spoon substitute. Then Zak went into the bathroom and emerged with the handle of my razor and proudly proclaimed, “Look, I found a baby spoon!!” Sure enough, the back end of the handle does have a nice curve and could work as a spoon. We all looked to Ellie to see if it was acceptable and, sure enough, a smile appeared through her tears. She grabbed the “spoon” and gobbled up her apple sauce, just as pleased as could be.

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