Big Girl Bed

Last week we all heading out to IKEA and bought Zoe a big girl bed!  The only other person we know who had an IKEA bed is Michael and I believe it fell to the ground in the middle of the night while he was sleeping.  I hope they’ve improved their bed making skill since then!

It’s absolutely darling, white rod iron shabby chic twin bed.  It’s still in the box, but we’ll set it up within the next week and take pictures then.  We also got her a mattress, but are still looking for the perfect bedding.

We’ve spent a lot of time talking to Zoe about the idea of switching over, but I’m not totally confident it will go smoothly.  I think we’re just going to set it up in her room and let her switch when she’s reading, as long as it’s before Baby 2 comes.  I imagine that there will be lots of getting in and out of the bed in the beginning.  How are we going to stop that?  I guess we’ll figure it out!

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