Ever since we moved to Brookfield I’ve been really excited to take a class at the Brookfield Zoo. As a teacher I need to keep taking Masters level coursework both to keep my certificate active and to increase my place on the pay scale. The zoo offers classes just for teachers that meet both of […]

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Zoe’s Artwork

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now, and finally had some time to get around to it tonight. Several of Zoe’s pieces of artwork are on display below. She is truly a multi-material type artist. The pictures below are some of her best examples of fingerpainting, drawing, piece gluing, and her latest […]

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Notecard System

GH (Grandpa Harry) uses a system of organization Zak named “The Notecard System.”  This is how it works:  Whenever GH has an idea, a question, new information, or an interesting thought he writes it down on a blank notecard with a black felt pen.  He then puts the notecard in his shirt pocket or on […]

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Are We Ready Yet?

Zoe is such a girl of routine.  We were about to head to the park for a bit this afternoon and were ready to walk out the door when Zoe started to rub her arm.  Zak and I couldn’t figure out what she meant, so she started to have a mini melt down.  It then […]

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We have neighbors across the street that are about our age, but unlike us, are just off. They are nice enough, but just not terribly social and the husband wears overalls. (Which is fine, just different considering there aren’t any farms nearby.) They had their first baby a few months ago and since then her […]

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Grandpa Owen

My Grandpa Owen has had to use a scooter to get around for the past few weeks and for the upcoming weeks ahead, but he’s adjusted just fine!  He likes to go for walks around the neighborhood, just strolling along.  He has a small basket in front that he tends to put his new cellphone […]

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