Are We Ready Yet?

Zoe is such a girl of routine.  We were about to head to the park for a bit this afternoon and were ready to walk out the door when Zoe started to rub her arm.  Zak and I couldn’t figure out what she meant, so she started to have a mini melt down.  It then dawned on me that she was reminding us that we had forgotten to put sun screen on her!  We got her all lathered up and were ready to exit a second time when she enthusiastically pointed to my purse on the table.  I explained that I didn’t need it this time, but she would hear none of that.  I grabbed my purse.  Once again we were ready to leave when Zoe, who at this point was somewhat frustrated at us for not being more organized, motioned that she needed her purse too.  We gave her the purse and her face lit up as she ran to the door.  Finally, we were ready to leave, on Zoe’s terms.

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