Grandpa Owen

My Grandpa Owen has had to use a scooter to get around for the past few weeks and for the upcoming weeks ahead, but he’s adjusted just fine!  He likes to go for walks around the neighborhood, just strolling along.  He has a small basket in front that he tends to put his new cellphone […]

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Rubber Ducky, You’re My Friend

Zoe has always loved rubber duckies and she has several ones in different colors and sizes.  She likes to play with them in the bath and squirt water out of the ones that can do that, but her all-time favorite thing to do with rubber duckies is stick their heads in her mouth.  For some […]

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Almost Dead

I have very happy news to share:  The cicadas are almost all dead!!!!!  I know this because we have hundreds of cicada carcasses laying on our sidewalk.  It’s completely as gross as it sounds, but it does mean that this whole escapade is coming to an end.  Finally.  When they are completely gone (bodies and […]

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