Rubber Ducky, You’re My Friend

Zoe has always loved rubber duckies and she has several ones in different colors and sizes.  She likes to play with them in the bath and squirt water out of the ones that can do that, but her all-time favorite thing to do with rubber duckies is stick their heads in her mouth.  For some reason she felt particularly attached to an orange one this morning and went over 15 minutes without taking it’s head out of her mouth.  She just walked around, playing as usually, with a duck protruding from her face.  I would gently pull in out and she’d slam it back into her mouth.  We read a story, sang “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes”, pushed her shopping cart around, played with Play-Dough, and cuddled with BubBub, all with a duck’s head in her mouth.  I kept trying to get her to talk or sing, but she’d just mumble as gobs of drool dripped onto her shirt.  Then she took it out, threw it up in the air, laughed as it hit the ground, and walked away from it, not paying another ounce of attention to it for the rest of the morning.

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