Carleton College’s Biggest Nerd

The Berry family has been dear, dear family friends of my family for decades and there is a very exciting opportunity for them, but they need your help. Peter, the oldest of two, is about to graduate from Carleton College in Minnesota and is up for the title of “Carleton’s Biggest Nerd.” I’m not sure […]

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Taco Dip vs. Me

I had made a delicious (if I might say so myself) taco dip for the Memorial Day BBQ we went to and ended up bringing about 1/3 of it home.  It was really good and the moment we got home I told Zak that I was hungry and should probably have some taco dip.  Then […]

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Memorial Day

Yesterday, Memorial Day, was a beautiful day here in Brookfield (in spite of the cicadas), and we had a few hours to kill between lunch time and a BBQ in the evening.  We thought it would be a perfect day to head to the zoo and when we got about 1/2 mile away we realized […]

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87 Years Old

My Grandpa Harry turned 87 on Saturday, so we all went out to dinner on Friday to celebrate!  It was such a nice time and Grandpa really enjoyed his little birthday celebration.  Here’s a gigantic picture of us all, but I don’t know how to get it any smaller. Also, here’s another big one of […]

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Video Update – May 27, 2007

Ring Around the Rosie Playdough At the Zoo Shopping

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Who knew a trip to IKEA could not only be a whole day event but also a fun whole day event? I’ve been strongly hinting to Molly for a while that the next time we went to IKEA we should get lunch there as well. Today was the day she finally gave in. I know […]

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18 Month Appointment

Zoe had her 18 month doctor’s appointment yesterday afternoon, and we’re happy to report that she is doing great! She’s 33.75 inches long and weighs 30.05 pounds. She’s in the 95th percentile for height and just over the 95th percentile for weight. You go girl! She has no food restrictions anymore and can finally try […]

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Ron Paul

Here’s a Republican Presidential candidate who has some pretty good, unconventional (for Republican politicians) ideas.  I specifically like his thoughts on the Iraq and privacy, notably The Patriot Act.  I’m going to keep my eye on him.

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