Taco Dip vs. Me

I had made a delicious (if I might say so myself) taco dip for the Memorial Day BBQ we went to and ended up bringing about 1/3 of it home.  It was really good and the moment we got home I told Zak that I was hungry and should probably have some taco dip.  Then I realized that was a crazy idea and that I didn’t really need taco dip after eating all the other junk I’d already eaten that day.  I woke up at 3:30 in the morning and my mouth was literally watering for taco dip.  Now, I have never ever in my entire life gotten up in the middle of the night to eat.  I eat most other times of the day, but not during sleep time.  I thought long and hard about it and, again, realized it probably was not an ideal time for taco dip.  So I went back to sleep.  The following morning I knew I had two choices for breakfast, Kashi Go Lean cereal that tastes like rabbit food, or taco dip.  I really pondered over the decision and ultimately thought about the example that I needed to set for Zoe.  I chose the rabbit food.  Then Zoe and I went to our Swingin’ and Singin’ class and got home about 10:30.  Zoe went right down and I plopped in front of the TV to watch the suspenseful The View.  About 7 minutes into the program I surrendered to the taco dip and broke out the bag of Doritos and the divine dip.  It was the perfect snack to go with my luke warm cup of coffee. It didn’t stop there, I had more as an afternoon snack and actually polished the rest of it off during lunch today.  So, sorry Zak, the taco dip is gone.

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