First Popsicle

In spite of her beautiful, round belly, this is Zoe’s very first popsicle ever. An all-natural, 100% real juice, red raspberry one. Afterward we literally hosed her down. Ahhh. Summer.

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Aunt Midge

Well, yay to Zak for redesigning the website. I think this is going to be a whole lot easier to post and keep everyone up to date. Sooo…onto a post.My Great Aunt Midge, Zoe’s great-great aunt, came to visit us from Palm Desert, California a few weeks ago. She had yet to meet Zoe and […]

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Who sleeps like this?

[singlepic=2830,350,250] Molly and I always go in to check on Zoe before we goes to bed, we’ve seen her in some unusual positions, but this one has got to top them all. Who sleeps on their back with their feet up and pajamas halfway unzipped? It looks like she and Bub-Bub had a pretty wild […]

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I don’t know if Molly’s ok with this or not, but since we already have some readership here, I’d occasionally like to post some off topic items that are on my mind. Today I wanted to share a couple of surveys regarding the impeachments of Clinton and Bush II. ABC News Poll. Conducted August 17, […]

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