Video Update – May 17, 2007

Zoe Loading and Pushing Her Stroller Zoe Playing With Water Zoe Eating a Banana Zoe Poops

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Zoe is so used to me cooking and baking all the time that it is second nature for her to lend a helping hand.Β  She pushes a chair from the table to the counter the moment she notices ingredients being taken out of cupboards or bowls getting prepped for mixing.Β  She loves to stir cookie […]

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The very bad, awful, horrible cicadas are on their way and I am not happy about it!Β  Our yard is covered with holes about a centimeter in diameter where the nasty bugs have built there tunnels to get out from underground.Β  They are supposed to make their big debut on the 22nd, but I’ve already […]

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Happy Birthday!

We celebrated both my Grandma’s and Grandpa’s birthdays on Monday evening. We all went out to a very fancy steak restaurant (think leaps and bounds nicer than Noodles!) It was a really fun, yummy celebration! Happy Birthday Grandma and Grandpa! [singlepic=4285,350,250]

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