I don’t know if Molly’s ok with this or not, but since we already have some readership here, I’d occasionally like to post some off topic items that are on my mind. Today I wanted to share a couple of surveys regarding the impeachments of Clinton and Bush II.

ABC News Poll. Conducted August 17, 1998.
“If he does not resign, do you think Congress should or should not impeach Clinton and remove him from office?”
Should impeach: 25%
Should not: 69%
No opinion: 6%


InsiderAdvantage/Majority Opinion Poll. Conducted May 8, 2007.
“Would you favor or oppose the impeachment by Congress of President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney?”
Favor: 39%
Oppose:55 %
Undecided/Don’t Know: 6%


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