Memorial Day

Yesterday, Memorial Day, was a beautiful day here in Brookfield (in spite of the cicadas), and we had a few hours to kill between lunch time and a BBQ in the evening.  We thought it would be a perfect day to head to the zoo and when we got about 1/2 mile away we realized that traffic had slowed and there were numerous families parking and walking toward the zoo.  It was just so crowded that they had closed roads and were redirecting cars.  We knew that we could go to the zoo any day and we didn’t really need to spend this day there, so we went to Toys ‘R Us.

Soon after arriving, Zoe spotted a toy shopping cart that someone had left in the middle of the aisle.  It was overflowing with about 30 empty cardboard boxes with pictures of not-so-delicious looking food, one plastic lemon, and one plastic banana.  She pushed the plastic cart throughout the whole store, up and down each and every aisle, not pausing to glance at any other toy.  Although we had planned to only get her a water toy for the backyard, there was no way we were leaving without this shopping cart.  She has pushed the cart nearly every waking moment since we got home and loves putting her real banana and milk into the cart.  She was just born a shopper!

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