This afternoon I swung by Trader Joe’s to pick up eggs, butter, and milk for Zoe’s half birthday cake. (I no longer have enough ingredients to whip up baked goods. Who have I become?) While there, I was chatting with one of our favorite cashiers and was telling her about our trip. After asking the […]

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Now that the girls can play with each other for hours on end, their imaginations are in overdrive! Their new favorite game is mommy/baby. Zoe is the mommy. Ellie is the baby. And they both TOTALLY embrace these roles. Yesterday, Zoe was putting Ellie down for a “nap.” Ellie was read a story, given kisses […]

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Happy 4th Birthday, Zoe

Dear Zoe, You are four. Four years old. I cannot believe it’s been that long since I first laid eyes on you. What a remarkable journey so far. In particular, this past year has been fabulous. I feel you truly transformed into a child, a kid, a real person with a big personality. I think […]

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I can’t believe I’ve let this blog turn into something I only update once a month, but that is what it is now I guess. So here are your updates: Zoe: The girl is amazing.  She’s hilarious, caring, and sooo into getting her fair share of attention!  Once a week or so we let her […]

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Zak and I are both using twitter now.  I find that I post the quick silly things the kids say and do to twitter rather than this blog because it’s a lot easier.  So…I think you should follow us. You can find me here: And Zak here: We’re trying to figure out a […]

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Modern Wing

Last weekend the Art Institute finally opened the brand new Modern Wing to the museum.  Target was sponsoring opening week and admission was free to all.  We arrived just as the door were opening for the first time, which was perfect, we didn’t have to wait or listen to the speeches, but rather walked right […]

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As fiesty as Ellie is, she is constantly sick! The poor kid has literally has a cold since last August and has had back to back ear infections going back to January.  It’s extremely frustrating as a parent and there is only so much infant Tylenol a kid can handle! After many visits with the […]

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Miss Tracey

You may recall Miss Tracey from a post last summer.  She is a fabulous storyteller we see each Tuesday morning at The Brown Cow Ice Cream Parlor.  Miss Tracey has sparked something inside Zoe and she is completely fascinated and in awe of everything Miss Tracey has to say.  More than anything in he world, […]

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A Conversation

Me:  Ellie, don’t stand on the chair.  Sit down, Ellie. Zoe:  Ellie, we talked about this.  We don’t stand on chairs.  Ellie, sit on your bum.  We have talked about this lots.  Mom, Ellie is not being a good listener. Ellie:  Ha!  Hee!!  Hee!!

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