Zak and I are both using twitter now.  I find that I post the quick silly things the kids say and do to twitter rather than this blog because it’s a lot easier.  So…I think you should follow us.

You can find me here:

And Zak here:

We’re trying to figure out a way for our tweets to be posted here, but for now it’s not quite working.  Anyway, here are some of the recent things I’ve twitted that you might get a chuckle out of:

while playing restaurant zoe tells the waiter (Zak): I think I’d like something to drink. I’ll have a martini. With a straw.

must have been a bad parenting day. before bed zoe says: i want new parents. i would like to go to the parent store and pick out new ones.

is thinking that the 2 kazoos that were just purchased at Target should have come with Advil. It’s going to be a loud day at the Knott house

zoe’s baby doll must be very hungry today. she’s been nursing it for nearly two hours this morning.

Zoe’s went to wash up…Z: mom! the water’s not on!!!! me: did you turn it on?? z: nooo. me: try it. z: it’s working now! Yay! I did it!

isn’t sure what can of worms I just opened, but Dora is on for the first time and zoe is captivated.

zoe: mommy, you are so so so so so cute. me: awe, you are too, zo. zoe: i’m actually normal cute.

zoe: i like that cup you’re using for your orange juice. zak: it’s a nice one. zoe: CONGRATULATIONS! *then zak spit eggs out of his mouth.*

said “we’re going to whole foods and costco today.” zoe said “oooo. lots of samples!”

in the checkout lane at whole foods zoe politely whispers to me: good thing we’re going to starbucks. there were no samples here today.

fed a family of four breakfast for $2.98 at IKEA yesterday!

said: zoe clear your dishes please. zoe said: that’s hard work mom.

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