Modern Wing

Last weekend the Art Institute finally opened the brand new Modern Wing to the museum.  Target was sponsoring opening week and admission was free to all.  We arrived just as the door were opening for the first time, which was perfect, we didn’t have to wait or listen to the speeches, but rather walked right in.  The first glance of the wing is amazing.  It’s vast and open and light.

We imediately went to the family portion of the new wing (which is always free!) We found five large project rooms complete with really fun art projects and many volunteers.

We made models of the new wing.

[singlepic id=11850 w=350 h=250]

[singlepic id=11851 w=350 h=250]

We saw Mayor Daley.

[singlepic id=11859 w=350 h=250]

The kids decorated art bags.

[singlepic id=11871 w=350 h=250]

[singlepic id=11872 w=350 h=250]

Zoe painted a picture.

[singlepic id=11873 w=350 h=250]

We did puzzles and read Caldecott winner books.

[singlepic id=11875 w=350 h=250]

Eventually, we made our way to the actual wing and enjoyed the fabulous art and architecture.

[singlepic id=11880 w=350 h=250]

[singlepic id=11876 w=350 h=250]

[singlepic id=11877 w=350 h=250]

[singlepic id=11878 w=350 h=250]

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