Miss Tracey

You may recall Miss Tracey from a post last summer.  She is a fabulous storyteller we see each Tuesday morning at The Brown Cow Ice Cream ParlorMiss Tracey has sparked something inside Zoe and she is completely fascinated and in awe of everything Miss Tracey has to say.  More than anything in he world, Zoe wants to be storyteller when she grows up.  She has created a storytelling bag, complete with storytelling glasses and puppets (including Cocoa Powder, a Licky Monster that resembles one Miss Tracey carries in her storytelling bag.)

[singlepic id=11006 w=350 h=250]

Anyway, Miss Tracey is aware of Zoe’s obsession and literally and figuratively has held Zoe’s hand to continue to encourage her to create stories.  Zoe talks for days about each interaction with Miss Tracey, but always clams up when in front of her and isn’t comfortable enough to express her love and admiration.

This week, on the way home from The Brown Cow, I was telling Zoe that it would be nice if she would to talk back to Miss Tracey (not to mention more socially appropriate.)

Zoe responded, “I can’t because my face always gets a rash.”

What a perfect, three year old, way of describing blushing and embarrassment.

It’s obvious, as Miss Tracey put it, she’s the equivalent to The Jonas Brothers in the toddler storyteller world.

And it’s ok that Zoe hasn’t yet come out of her shell for Miss Tracey.  She will eventually.  And until then I will enthusiastically encourage and engage my very own personal storyteller!

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