A TOOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ellie’s very first tooth finally started to poke through her gums today!!!!Β  She’s not going to be toothless forever!Β  I noticed she was playing with her gum with her tongue tonight at swimming and I gently rubbed it with my finger.Β  And, by golly, there was the tiniest bit of tooth sticking through!!Β  I was […]

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Last night as we were getting ready to kiss Zoe good night I was, unfortunately, a part of this conversation: Zoe:Daddy, there’s a paprise (surprise) for you in your bedroom. Me: Oh, what is it? Zoe: THROW UP!

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No.Β  None.Β  Zippo.Β  Zero.Β  Zilch.Β  That is exactly how many teeth Ellie has.Β  The girl is about 13 and a half months old and has no teeth.Β  Not only isΒ  she toothless, but there is absolutely no evidence of and teeth working their way to the surface.Β  At her twelve month appointment the doctor said […]

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