No.  None.  Zippo.  Zero.  Zilch.  That is exactly how many teeth Ellie has.  The girl is about 13 and a half months old and has no teeth.  Not only is  she toothless, but there is absolutely no evidence of and teeth working their way to the surface.  At her twelve month appointment the doctor said there is no need to worry until 18 months, but I’m pretty freaked out.  The doctor also mentioned that it is very uncommon for kids not to have any teeth.  But she did not say impossible.  As adorable as Ellie’s toothless, gummy smile is, I’m so anxious for the munchkin to grow some darn teeth already.

One thought on “Teeth?!

  1. Soon! I’m sure they’ll come soon. It certainly hasn’t stopped her from enjoying her food. And she sure is adorable!

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